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shape change

Shapermint provides the everyday essentials to
help you confidently
break the bias
and challenge the status quo.

This International Women’s Day
we challenge you
to Shape Change and
#BreakTheBias with us.

Let’s Shape Change

Let’s Shape Change

Watch real women share what makes them feel
vulnerable and what makes them feel strong.
Together, we have an opportunity to
Shape Change and #BreakTheBias.

Share this video and shape change!

What is #BreakTheBias?

Bias is defined as prejudice in favor
of or against one thing, person,
or group compared with another,
usually in a way considered
to be unfair.

Together we will shape change for womens’ equality, and a world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination.

We will #BreakTheBias.

We will #BreakTheBias

When you experience Shapermint’s Essentials, you feel
supported inside and out, confident to challenge the status
quo, and liberated to get moving and join the movement.

We will #BreakTheBias
We will #BreakTheBias

This International Women’s Day

Join the Shape Change
Instagram Live

A Shape Change Virtual Event sponsored by
and hosted by The Curvy Fashionista
on @Shapermint.


Marie Denee

Creator & Editor in Chief of
@thecurvyfashionista @mariedenee


Carmen Renee

Speaker & Body Acceptance Activist
at @eatthecaketoo


Gabrielle Richards

Sr. Brand Manager of @Shapermint
& Body Positive Advocate at @gabpositive


Empowered Women
Empower Women

Our community Shapes Change and empowers others to #BreakTheBias every day in their Shapermint SupportiveWear essentials.

Join the Movement

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