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Celebrate Moms by Protecting Them!

As we adjust to a new normal, we recognize that this Mother’s Day will be like no other before. But this won’t stop us to show how much we care.

We wanted to show we can still have a unique celebration while protecting moms.

Because no social distancing can stop the power of love, the best gift you can do is to #MakeTheCall

A Shapermint Tribute to The Real Shapers: Moms

Your mom shaped you. Growing up she supported you, taught you, helped you gain confidence and accepted you unconditionally.

This Mother’s Day we believe that mom deserves to be put in the spotlight and recognized for her contributions in making us who we are today.

As a shapewear company we knew it was our job to acknowledge who the real shapers are: moms.

In these challenging times, technology is our ally.

We issued a unique challenge: 6 amazing women called their moms to share how they have shaped them into the women they are today.

We tested how powerful a video call can be... Their heartfelt reactions truly touched us

“You literally told me to stay put, to never give up, and you told me to get prepared. Now I get prepared for whatever it is I wanna do.”

“I don’t think at the time I appreciated it enough that my self expression started with your support.”

“You wanted to me to go the alopecia conference that year, I was so scared. You told me it’s going to be ok, that we have to go. After that I felt more comfortable with myself and my confidence skyrocketed.”

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We need you!

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