Step into Self-Love

Shapermint celebrates real women in our latest campaign, “Step into Self-Love” featuring ​​a diverse group of women stepping forward and embracing their shapes. We invite you to join the movement and step into self-love by pledging to take centerstage both in your photos and IRL this Valentine’s Day and beyond.

It's widely known that social media can greatly impact how users feel about themselves and their bodies. We surveyed a diverse group of 3,000 women to unveil how social media and edited photos can impact body image.

And the results are…

Step into Self-Love 1

Step into Self-Love 2

Step into Self-Love 3

To encourage individuals to join the movement, we are empowering real women on social media to step into self-love and celebrate confidence with our new “Perfect Shape” Instagram filter. Rather than altering or changing the appearance of images, this “non-filter” instead provides positive affirmations to serve as a reminder for women to embrace their raw and true selves.

We are also excited to announce the relaunch of our wide selection of size-inclusive, everyday “SupportiveWear” including bras, shapewear, undies, leggings, and more at amazing prices. We provide the highest quality SupportiveWear for all occasions for our customers’ already-perfect bodies, empowering them to celebrate their shape and wear confidence.

Step into Self-Love 4

Step into Self-Love 5

Step into Self-Love 6

Step into Self-Love 7

Join the “Step into Self-Love” movement by visiting our website and following our social media accounts Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.